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Freecycle & T.L.C.


Our Freecycle Coordinators are Brandi Michelle Rhodes ( and Meagan Miller ( Please see our guidelines below as to what applies as Freecycle items. When you arrive at the meeting, feel free to drop off Freecycle items at the rolling cart outside the Rink so you don’t have to cart them from the parking lot.

What it IS

Each month our meetings will have a Freecycle table outside the fellowship hall. All items are free to take, and you don’t have to donate to “shop” the table.

Freecycle is a way to share consignment-worthy (excellent or like new condition) items with other moms. Most items that we share fall into a few basic categories:

  • Clothing and Linens (blankets, sheets, burp cloths, crib bedding, etc.)
  • Toys, Games and Books (puzzles, stuffed animals, dolls, cars/trucks, blocks, musical, etc.)
  • Baby Gadgets and Supplies (extra diapers, wipes, formula samples, unopened baby food, monitors, safety items, etc.)
  • Household or “Mommy” Items (nursing supplies, home décor, craft items, beauty supplies, books/magazines for moms, etc.)

Please make sure that whatever you bring basically fits into one of these categories or is suitable for use by a mom and/or a child.

Feel free to browse and take from the Freecycle table before or after the meeting. Freecycle works on a first-come-first-served basis. After each meeting, our volunteers gather up the unclaimed items and take them to Teen Challenge, Christian Sharing Center, H.O.P.E. Helps, or another local charity.

What it is NOT

As moms, we fully embrace the expression “one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure.” However, there is not a lot of time after the meeting to sort the “trash” from the “treasure,” and our minivans can only hold so much. Please keep in mind that every unclaimed item must be loaded into someone’s car w/the kids and unloaded at the donation site. Please refrain from bringing very large items or items that don’t fit into the criteria above, unless someone has claimed them on the Facebook group; or consider donating those yourself. Thanks so much for your cooperation and for blessing our moms with your gently used items!


TLCeditT.L.C. is meal delivery signup available for all moms. If you have a new baby, family health issues, or surgery plans, please contact our T.L.C. coordinator or your table host. The coordinator will gladly set up a meal schedule for you. If you have not received a little T.L.C. before, we guarantee you will be blessed by the outpouring of love from fellow moms!

If you are an expectant mom or going through a hard time and would like to receive meals, please email your name and due date to the T.L.C. coordinator, Charity Zajac, at

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