Mentor Spotlight: Leigh Kennedy

110617LeighKennedyEDITThe mentor of Table 8, Leigh Kennedy, has made Florida her home for 27 years with her husband, Roger; two kids; and two dogs. Northland is their home church, and Leigh has been a part of M4M for five years. She loves sharing life stories with the precious moms in the group and treating them to home-cooked meals, great wine, and conversation while connecting with each other. Her passions are her family, Bible study, tennis, the beach, and enjoying life. Leigh says becoming a Christian at age 34 was a blessing, and that her marriage has become stronger because of their faith in Christ. She is happy to report her kids know the Lord and are learning to trust His plan for their lives in college and beyond. As she continues to grow and seek God’s will, Leigh is enjoying this great adventure called “life!”

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