Mentor Spotlight: Leisa Bilello

110617LeisaBilelloBefore she mentored Table 5, Leisa Bilello grew up in western Pennsylvania, but dreamed of living elsewhere. She studied hospitality, moved to Orlando, and worked in hospitality and financial planning. Leisa married, had one child, and divorced in the 1980s; she understands the challenges, fear, uncertainty, and loneliness of being a single parent. But God was faithful, and showed up continuously. In 1992 she married her husband and business partner, Joe, and they later added another daughter to their family. She enjoys time with her children and two grandkids. Leisa believes God was with her every step of the way and gave her love beyond measure. She loves being involved in one or more study groups, for both spiritual and personal growth. She says over the years this involvement has helped her grow in faith and kept her from falling into dark places.

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