Mentor Spotlight: Millie Barnes

110716_MillieBarnesEveryone needs to go say “hi” to Millie at Table 9—she’d love it! Millie has been married for more than 50 years, and has three children and eight grandchildren. Her hobby is stained glass. She loves taking care of her great-granddaughter, who is two and a half years old and into tea parties. Millie worked as a young mother and knows the struggles of moms who have to work outside the home. She hosts a Bible study for moms in her home, and anyone is welcome to join when they start a new book—talk to her if you’re interested!

Millie has found that staying true to your faith and fully trusting in the Lord, even when things seem impossible, always brings you through any situation—and she’s been through some tough ones. If you’re struggling with something and finding it hard to walk with Jesus, get in touch with Millie for some support.

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