Local Christian Schools and Programs

Hi Ladies! Since we had the Geneva School presentation at our last meeting, we wanted to also include information about other Christian Schools and programs in the area. Most of the schools listed below have a Moms4Moms member willing to discuss their school/program with anyone interested.

The Geneva School: genevaschool.org / 407-332-6363

The Geneva School seeks to provide students in grades K4–12 an extraordinary education, by means of an integrated curriculum, pedagogy and culture, both distinctly classical and distinctively Christian, that pursues goodness, truth, and beauty in all spheres of life, while viewing these spheres as elements of a divinely ordered whole.

Patti Rader (Director of Admission): pnrader@genevaschool.org

M4M Member with child attending: Ariel Cole @ Table 9 (arielcole@yahoo.com)


Classical Conversations: classicalconversations.com

Our purpose is to lead the home-centered education movement by equipping parents and students with the classical tools of learning needed to discover the order and beauty of God’s creation and to inspire others to do the same. We believe parents are their children’s primary teachers not because parents know everything but because each child is uniquely (and wonderfully!) made and because the people who know and love a child best are the ones most motivated to help that child succeed.

There are several locations locally you can search for on their website.

M4M Member with child attending: Traci Keene @ Table 5 (traci_keene@yahoo.com)


Northland Early Learning Center @ Northland Church, Kindergarten

Building trust, security, and a healthy sense of respect for self and others is critical in the global environment in which we now live. The kindergarten classroom must be a safe place where children can take risks and explore in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. In learning to work together, children discover that others are precious to God and that they are empowered to do for themselves and while serving those around them.

Cathy Casavant (Assistant Director): cathy.casavant@northlandchurch.net

M4M Member with child attending: Alexis Krogman @Table 9 (alexiskrogman@gmail.com)


Monarch Learning Academy: monarchlearningacademy.com / 407-478-8577

Monarch Learning Academy in Orlando is a Christ-centered early childhood and elementary school. We nourish, equip and celebrate the whole child. Our administrators, teachers, parents and students form a loving community, providing a dynamic learning environment which stimulates creative thinking, motivates academic excellence and instills a lifelong desire to learn.

Marguerite McNeill (Director): mmcneill@monarchlearningacademy.com

M4M Member with child attending: Ashley Martin @ Table 4 (amartiniu@gmail.com)


St. Luke’s Lutheran Academy: school.stlukes-oviedo.org / 407-365-3228

We believe in opportunity. The opportunity for every child to learn, grow, and succeed. We believe students thrive in a Christian environment where security inspires confidence and parent participation breeds success. We believe opportunities in fine arts, music, athletics and foreign language are integral, not optional.

Susan Hanas (Superintendent)

M4M Mentor with children attending: Debbie Knipe @Table 2 (debknipe61@gmail.com)


Willow Creek Home Educators: homeschool-life.com 

WCHE is a ministry of Willow Creek Church, PCA, operating as a home school support group that shall be Christ centered, doing all things in a manner which respects Biblical principles, bringing glory and honor to God. As a home school support group, WCHE extends its hand in love and support in order to provide a Christ centered, co-operative, educational environment for families who have chosen to educate their children at home.

RuthAnn Harrell (Membership Director): harrellfive@gmail.com

M4M Member with child attending: Larissa Alvarez @ Table 1 


Orangewood Christian School: orangewoodchristian.org / 407-767-5664

Our goal is that children of believers are mentored and taught academics, technology, fine arts and athletics from a reformed, Christian perspective, encouraging them to discover and use their unique gifts and talents to God’s glory.

Joyce McDonald (Admissions Director):  jmcdonald@orangewoodchristian.org


International Community School: icsfla.org / 407-645-2343

International Community School strives to produce learners and leaders who will contribute well-trained minds and hearts to an interdependent global community through a lifetime of personal ministry as they reflect the character of Jesus Christ to bring connection, healing and reconciliation to the world.

M4M Members with children attending, Table 3: Vil Maldonado (vilmaldonado@earthlink.net), Tiana Bouley (tiana.bouley@gmail.com), Angie Bradburn (Angie.bradburn@yahoo.com)


The Master’s Academy: mastersacademy.org / 407-971-2221

The purpose of The Master’s Academy is to assist parents in training their children to be Christ-like. This teaching and nurturing process begins in the home and extends to the church and school. The Christian school, in addition to the home and church, offers a course of study where the process of Christian education can take place. The foundation of Christian education is the Word of God. The philosophy of Christian education is developed from the Bible and stands against the godless philosophies of humanism, materialism, secularism, and New Age.

Natoya Alee (Director of Admissions and Advancement): NatoyaAlee@mastersacademy.org

M4M Mentor with children attending: Jodi Boncore @ Table 3 (jwbonc@aol.com)


Circle Christian School: circlechristianschool.org / 407-740-8877

Circle Christian School adheres to the conviction that God has ordained that parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children.  The school provides assistance and support to Christian parents who subscribe to this belief.  The two-fold goal of education is first to create within the student the desire to learn and, secondly, to give the child the ability to relate well to the world around him.  The goal of Christian education is to accomplish this while acknowledging and applying the absolute standard of God’s Word, the Bible.


If your school or program wasn’t listed and you would like it added to this post and the Newsletter, please email Ashley Martin at amartiniu@gmail.com.


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