October Updates!

Hi Ladies!

Our October meeting is quickly approaching (especially with the date change 🙂 ) and we look forward to all God has for M4M this month. Please arrive at 9:15 at Childcare check in, drop off your children, and walk over to the Rink for food, fellowship and an encouraging word!


Gaye Butler will be our guest speaker and she will be speaking to us “From Her Heart to Ours.” Gaye is the mother of 7 children and has lots of good mommy wisdom to share! We can’t wait to hear her speak again this year!


We will be collecting packages of diapers, and accepting cash donations, to donate to the Sanford & Oviedo Crisis Pregnancy Centers this month.


Please bring consignment worthy items of ANY KIND to Freecycle (anything not broken, ripped, or stained). We will be donating all leftover Freecycle items to Heather from Table 4, who will be organizing a yard sale to buy Christmas presents for teenagers in Foster Care.


Very few people take in foster teens, very few get adopted and very few people think to donate to them so that is my motive. Last year I raised $1400 and this year I hope to get $2000. I split the money between Impower for Teens in foster care and the CBC for young adults that are in transitional housing. I do list any item I think I can get at least $10 on Craigslist because it is free and items will usually go for more $ than at a garage sale.

Let’s help her meet her goal, and provide as many Christmas presents as possible! For more information please email Heather at HLW1980@gmail.com.


Coupon books will be in!!! Bring $20.00 for each book you would like to buy and/or sell.
Photo mini session: Bring $5.00 to secure your place for our holiday mini photo session in November (details to follow).


Tables 2, 3, and 5 will be bringing food so come hungry! We Look forward to seeing you!

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