Slippers for April Outreach!

Hi Ladies!

This month we will be collecting NEW children’s slippers for the Happy Feet Foundation created by a young girl named Emily Rose who has a rare terminal genetic disease called APECED type 1.  This little 11 year old girl has diabetes, an immune disease and is waiting for a kidney transplant as a result of the APECED disease…..  But she has a mission and she is determined. Emily has spent countless hours in the hospital since age 4 because of her illness, so in 2011 Emily came to her mother with a great idea. She had always grown tired of wearing the “itchy, scratchy” hospital socks during her stays so instead of receiving presents for her 10th birthday she decided to ask everyone to bring a “happy pair” of slippers that she could donate to the hospitals. This year 11 year old Emily’s goal is to donate slippers to 111 hospitals all throughout Florida.

To hear more about Emily and her cause please view her facebook page…… https://www.facebook.com/EmilysHappyFeet.

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