“Girly” February Outreach!

Hi Ladies!

This month we will be collecting “girly” items to send to a team of women missionaries in Spain, as they come together for a retreat to be refreshed in God’s presence. There are 30 ladies expected at the retreat and they requested the following items to be donated:

1. Nail polishes
2. Lip gloss/lip balm
3. Notebooks
4. Craft Supplies
5. Heart shaped chocolates

*No brand was specified.

Thank you for being willing to serve these ladies who left their lives America for ministry abroad.

1 thought on ““Girly” February Outreach!”

  1. Won-der-ful outreach!!! I’m so excited about this!!! We can do plenty of “girly”:):) Several years ago a friend’s church was doing an outreach to pastors wives in Central America. Their request? Scarves:) I knew I had plenty of extras, but I didn’t expect to find 70+ of them!! That’s when I knew I had to start curbing my appetite for them:) I hope I don’t have to curb my appetite for choklit to donate this time:) LOL

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