One Week Away!

Hi Ladies! Our first meeting is just 7 days away. We are so excited to jumpstart the year with almost half of the group as new members!

Here is some information you may need for the first meeting:

1) RSVP for Childcare on the Evite ASAP. We need an accurate count for the meeting and hope to never turn anyone away. We are still looking for childcare workers. See “childcare” page for more information.

2) Keep an eye out for Freecycle, TLC, and Deadline emails.

3) Remember our outreach for the month for Shelley Ballestero’s son. See “outreach” page for details.

4) The planning committee and table hosts will be bringing delicious food for all to enjoy, so skip breakfast!

5) Please do your best to arrive with enough time to drop-off the kids in childcare and join us for the start of our meeting. We even bumped the meeting time a half hour this year from 9:00 to 9:30 🙂

6) Watch for the drop-off location on Monday morning for freecycle, outreach, and food drop-offs. It will be there each month for easy arrival.

7) Bring your checkbooks if you owe membership dues and be ready for a “headshot” picture for the directory.

8) Prepare to RELAX and have a great time meeting new people and reconnecting.

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